The First Offense

Kari and I first talked about the possibility of launching White Wine True Crime about 18 months ago. We met doing standup in the LA area. After a few glasses of wine at one of our shows, being comedians, we were apt to divulge as many embarrassing things about ourselves as we could, as quickly as possible. It took about 30 minutes to get to the topic of True Crime. After a few more glasses of wine, we yelled, “We should make a show!” right in the middle of some poor comedian’s set. Oh well…

The whole concept of WWTC is/was simple: Watch True Crime stuff, drink, and talk with funny people about what we just watched. Great. This was going to work, because here’s the thing: True Crime is categorically tacky. Period. We all know it. For the most part, the lighting sucks, and the actors look like they’ve all crawled out of an ITT Tech commercial. For some reason, no one is ever having a good hair day on these shows, not even the actors (who we assume had a hair an makeup person). So confusing.

But even when True Crime is done well, say, a documentary like Dear Zachary or The Staircase, there’s still something yucky left to ponder. At least for me. No matter what I tell myself in the moment, the fact remains that I am syphoning some degree of entertainment out of a horrific situation. The “crime” part thrills me, and the “true” part…is weirdly the part I forget sometimes, and when I do remember, I kind of feel bad. But I keep doing it, viewers remorse be dammed!

Is watching True Crime okay? I don’t know. It depends. Is making fun of these stories okay? I mean…no. It’s not. We probably should not be making fun of people who have lost their lives or loved ones. We really should not be obsessing over choices the wardrobe department made for a certain murderer/serial killer (It’s a polo shirt 80% of the time, let’s be honest). Granted, that’s not all we are going to do on White Wine True Crime, we will do lots of things on this show, but these deplorable chats are definitely part of our plan.

With this first post, I wanted to simply admit that White Wine True Crime will be operating solely out of this gray area. We will make light of horrible things, and think deeply about the parts that are probably not that important to the people who were directly connected to these horrible stories. I can bet right now that some of the stuff we talk about on this show is going to be offensive. Comedians are just not historically sensitive people. There is nothing Kari or I can do about that. I mean, we could try to make it less abrasive, but I am deciding here and now to not put energy into that. If we do offend you, tell us! I have no idea how we will react, but it will make for a good episode.

But before you write us a crazy email, just let me point one thing out: You like true crime too!

Talk soon, Crime-o’s!



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