Win a Kill Kit!

That’s right! You can WIN a kill kit, ladies and gentleman! And here is how you can do it!

We are THRILLED with the support WWTC has gotten! We seriously can’t believe that we have so many fans already…so we REALLY need a name for you wonderful people! We KNOW that Caitlin keeps trying to use Crime-O’s…but let’s be real, that sucks, right? Right.

Taylor Swift fans are “Swifties

Justin Bieber fans have “Beliebers

…we got nothing!

SO, please send us your suggestions via email ( or tweet at us using the hashtag, #WWTCFanName.

Top suggestions will be picked, and at the end of February, we’ll hold a vote! The winner will receive their very own WWTC Kill Kit, hand-made by our lovely host, Kari Martin!

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