WWTC005: The Boxer, Big Fish Small Pond

A lot happens in this episode of White Wine True Crime…

Caitlin and Kari invite comedian Jeff May to watch an episode of Snapped! The gals were very lucky to get Jeff this week, considering his recent burst of national fame that resulted from a Cracked.com article, profiling him as a guy getting drunk for the first time! (He’s the poor soul pictured laying on the floor with his shirt off, hating life.)

But, real quick, before we dive into this episode’s highlights, WWTC has an announcement: While WWTC is still new to the world, for almost two years the Caitlin and Kari have also hosted a monthly comedy benefit in Long Beach, CA, called Irish Humor.

Irish Humor raises money to help local families/individuals currently struggling financially, due to medical expenses. Every month they put together a new lineup and find a new family! This month’s campaign is “Help Get Courtney Rolling!” If you live in or around Long Beach, you are more than welcome to come to the show, which will be held on 2/19 @ 7:30 (click here for more details)! There isn’t a cover charge, and a portion of the night’s proceeds will hep Courtney!


Either way, if you have a spare second please take a look at this link. You’ll see that while our goal is only $1,500, this money will have and exponential impact on Courtney’s family!!!

(Side note, Jeff May has performed on Irish Humor several times. He wrote a great a bit about one of his appearances…and how he bombed in front of a bunch of breast cancer survivors)

Back to WWTC!

The Snapped episode featured this week on WWTC is about the infamous Jeanette Sliwinski case. Sliwinski, a failed model, gained national recognition for attempting suicide by ramming her Ford Mustang into the back of two cars, stopped at a red light in a Chicago suburb. Sliwinski survived the collision, but 3 people where killed. Her trial and ultimate sentence have been debated ever since!

While exploring all the tragic and frustrating facts surrounding this case, the group also discusses much more!

  • The three explore the power of “the makeover.”
  • Jeff Shares about how his time as a boxer transformed his body and his life!
  • Caitlin talks about her childhood wheelie backpack, and what it’s like to survive multiple animal attacks!
  • Kari reveals a surprise contest idea (Caitlin didn’t even know about it), and the winners get a kill kit!
  • Jeff falls in love with Snapped reporter, Katie McCall (Fox26), and basically proposes via Twitter!
  • And somehow…there’s much more! (Actually this is a really long episode, so that sort of explains why so much happens here. Mystery solved!)

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