WWTC006: The Jinx Wrap Up Chapter 1 Body in the Bay

On this sixth episode of White Wine True Crime, Caitlin and Kari talk all about the first episode of the HBO documentary series, The Jinx:The Life and Deaths of Robert Durst.

Listen, if you are really a True Crime snob, then you shouldn’t be a stranger to the story of Robert Durst. This is one of those cases that really worked on the public, and then totally vanished. Apparently main-stream media found their reasons for letting this story slip away. But for those of us who sit at home, sipping wine, watching trashy and wonderful ID shows, the Durst story had all the memorable True Crime TV elements that keep you wondering: rich guy, New York power family, creepy past, cross-dressing…Texas. The Durst case is juicy. We have been way ahead of HBO on this story!

But with all of that said, even though it took forever for HBO to catch up to us (Okay, “forever” and a very fortuitous phone call to Magnolia Pictures), The Life and Deaths of Robert Durst gives True Crime lovers and experts something they usually don’t get: An opportunity to sort through (some) of the facts in a case for ourselves, and take sides.

Sure, lots of people think Durst killed 3 people. He’s creepy-looking. It makes sense. It really truly, seems like he’s guilty of something, let’s be honest. But even from this first episode of The Jinx, what excited WWTC was the revelation of new, otherwise overlooked, VERY important factors in the Durst case that we had never been given before: the rivalry between Robert and Douglas Durst, the true scope of wealth on the line, the fact that Durst was apprehended stealing a hoagie sandwich…not a chicken salad sandwich. These are all game-changing details, ladies and gentleman!

The point is, The Jinx: The Life and Death of Robert Durst is our new favorite excuse to crack open a bottle of white. In this first wrap-up episode, Caitlin and Kari take sides!

  • Caitlin has taken sides with the Defense (because Caitlin’s dream is to one day solve problems with money {Full disclosure: Even Caitlin is pretty sure Durst is guilty.}.)
  • Kari has taken sides with the Prosecution (but that’s probably because Kari wants Jeanine Pirro to be her mom)
  • Also, the ladies bring up Carmen Electra, Forrest Gump, you get to hear Caitlin’s dogs bark a bunch, and the ladies talk hoagies vs sandwiches (Spoiler Alert: That issue remains to be unresolved)
  • (Sorry about all the parentheticals. We have had a lot to drink. How did Paula Abdul do this?)

What side of The Jinx: The Life and Death of Robert Durst are you on?

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