WWTC008: The Jinx Chapters 3 and 4

WWTC is back and better than ever with this recap episode of The Jinx, Chapters 3 & 4!

Kari has emerged from her cocoon of illness, and the girls are ready to talk True Crime once again! They cover so much in this episode, namely, we FINALLY get to hear what really happened with Kari’s aunt Rosemary! Other incendiary topics include: Las Vegas, The Flu, Kanye West, Caitlin’s Dog Poop Lie, a rousing game of “F.M.K” and Caitlin reveals her top-secret recipe for Hobo Lemonade!

…Oh, and they talk about The Jinx too.

This week WWTC will also be posting a “regular” episode with a fabulous guest, Gabi Conti! That is coming on Wednesday, so stay tuned!

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