WWTC011.5: Drunk Jinx

Well Crime-o’s…

Kari and Caitlin *barely* get through this episode, which was recorded on St. Patrick’s Day. Oof. The ladies talk about Robert Durst, Jimmy Hoffa, rich people, and they make a list of all the people Robert Durst may have also killed.

Listen, we can tell you right now that this episode is a total waste of time. Also, now that this is on the Internet, which is forever, it means neither Caitlin or Kari can ever run for office…which is actually probably a good thing.

We hope, at the very least, you will enjoy as we start the episode twice, repeatedly talk about editing the episode (this episode it totally unedited), and never get to anything concrete at all.

Our word is our bond, and we promised we’d send this your way. We hope you get in a good laugh totally at our expense, and just know that we are gearing up to record another (less humiliating) episode this week! Very exciting!




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