WWTC015: Witches Be Crazy


Sorry about the delay everyone! Family stuff came up and we had to put this new episode on hold (also it was Kari’s turn to go to France and…they don’t have ID there. Le BOOOOO!)

Anyway! This week the ladies are joined by the very funny Antoine Young to discuss Kari’s LEAST favorite ID show, “Deadly Women.”

Surprisingly, the group is able to stay pretty on-track…which might be why this is one of our longest episodes yet!

In addition to lady-murder, the group covers:

– How Caitlin got her dog, Rufus

– Billy Bob Thorton

– How women use pregnancy as a weapon (sometimes)

– Kari gets proposed to

– Another round of FMK!!!!

Maybe one day we will get better at actually plugging wine LOL! Thank you for tuning in!

PS Here is a picture of Rufus!

Rufus, the dog who went on clearance
Rufus, the dog who went on clearance

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