WWTC023: The Final Rap-Up!

Well guys…we’ve reached the end of The Staircase September, and we gotta say…this episode covers a lot of ground! First of all, it takes a good 20 minutes before we even GET to talking about the last 2 episodes of The Staircase. And once we do, we also manage to cover a lot of additional ground. Topics include:

  • Todd
  • Paris
  • Detroit
  • New Orleans
  • Kari and Caitlin confuse “epilogue” with “prologue”
  • That one time Kari got fired
  • That time Kari got kicked out of The Playboy Mansion
  • That time Caitlin got kicked out of a very special concert
  • Jury Duty
  • And WE BOTH RAP!


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