WWTC041: Five Thousand Percent Off Topic With Chris Cope

Well, we are back again. If you are new to the show…this is going to be interesting for you! If you’re a long-time listener, then this is a neat little throw-back episode. By that, we mean that we *only kind* of address what we are supposed to: the infamous case of Dalia Dippolito, the woman who got caught trying to hire a hitman to kill her new husband. The gals are joined by the very funny Chris Cope, who happily goes along with Kari and Caitlin as they talk about holograms, Trump, WWII, heart problems, and all of Kari’s intense conspiracy theories!

If you want to watch the nightmare mega-clip that Kari picked out for this episode, here it is. Go with God: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hypB5IT9QZM&app=desktop

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