WWTC098: Do You Remember The Staircase September?

We’re baaaa-AAAACK!…kind of. Do you remember The Staircase September? WELL Thanks to a tech glitch we aren’t going to release our newest episode—in which we cover the NEW episodes of The Staircase—recently available on Netflix!!! Since we had promised to give you something ASAP we decided to re-release our old episodes that covered the original miniseries—a block of episodes that we affectionately called The Staircase September! If you are new to the show, these episodes are very silly and VERY boozy. If you have been around a while, this is a very silly trip down memory lane. In this first episode, we are joined by my husband Miles to discuss the foundational episode of this wild and crazy miniseries. We love you, Crimeos! Posting now!! PS NEW WWTC WILL drop 9/10 ???sorry for the delay! There will be raps!!!